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Meet Sean Sullivan

Meet Sean Sullivan

A lifelong outdoorsman and creative, Sean has is one of the outdoor industries most esteemed contributors. As a lensman, writer, artist, public speaker, creative director, and producer, Sean has an expansive creative skillset. He's executed large-scale marketing campaigns for global corporations, delivered commencement speeches at colleges, photographed some of the world’s most iconic businessmen, athletes and musicians, and hung art in the West's most prestigious art galleries. 

Sean started working in the winter-sports industry while still in college, scouring the globe for adventure with the world's most elite athletes while shooting photos and writing for clients like Patagonia, Snowboarder Magazine, Volcom, Billabong, and Transworld Media.

Snowboard photography is one of the most competitive and challenging realms in photography, and he cut his teeth on this unforgiving playing field.

Sean's passion for fly fishing soon caught up with him, and he has since worked for the largest brands and magazines in the industry. 

Translating experience and knowledge gleaned from over a two decades of non-stop global travel, tight deadlines, and challenging conditions, Sean's expertise goes beyond the act of making a photograph.

"As a career photographer almost 20 years deep in the industry, I’m not new to recharageable batteries.  Ditching disposables is a financial and ecological no-brainer.  When Pale Blue brought the Li tech to the table, I couldn’t have been more excited – the time has come for everyone, including the Earth and all of the animals, to enjoy the benefits of technology, it’s ridiculous how much money four rechargeable AAA’s will save you over the course of their lifetime, disposable batteries should be illegal."

Crafting quality commercial or editorial content to tell a compelling story takes more than just intimate knowledge of the topic and brand. It takes the ability to cast the right talent, choose the right destinations, and get there and back safely; with unique visuals, under budget and ahead of deadlines.

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